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Interactive Services Group (ISG) is a leader in providing an array of services for the mobile computing industry. Since its inception, ISG has excelled in this very focused vertical market for several reasons. First, it has always been extremely customer centric. With a “can do” attitude, ISG has developed very deep relationships with its customers. This ensures that customer satisfaction is closely monitored by all of the firm’s front line employees.

Second, the firm has developed sophisticated processes to guarantee that commitments made to customers are met or exceeded. Finally, ISG has leveraged technology to the benefit of its customers; offering online access to service reports, ordering capabilities is only the beginning. As such, ISG remains a leader in its industry in delivering value to its customers. Every single ISG employee is driven by the firm’s corporate mission: to provide incomparable levels of service and attention to its stakeholders

ISG has served more than 3,000 companies during its history, including some which are global leaders in their industries. Currently, ISG’s services centers serve the needs of more than 60,000 Routes.

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